Nip of Courage's wholesale division will provide warehousing and logistics solutions for distributors that represent and work with Australian craft distillers. Distributors involved with the NOC wholesale division will have their lines made available to trade and retail customers across the country alongside Australia's best spirit producers.

Want to become a part of Australia's first exclusive wholesaler for Australian craft spirits? Below are your next steps...


Australian Made & Owned


Ensure your distillery partners and brands are Australian made and owned. NOC Wholesale will only onboard Australian producers creating Australian craft spirits. Other wholesaler services carry thousands of lines including beer, wine and soft drinks, and smaller distilleries are often overlooked. NOC Wholesale will provide a one stop shop for Aussie craft spirits.


Bring Your Barcodes


Are your distillers ready for retail? Larger liquor retailers won't accept lines that don't have their own unique, registered barcode. If distilleries or brands in your portfolio don't have barcodes that meet current global standards, Nip of Courage can provide information on how this can be arranged. All barcode details will be required during your on-boarding process.


Perfect Your Product Shots


We will only accept professional product shots that meet for following guidelines:

  • File Type: Jpeg

  • Dimensions: 3000 X 3000

  • Resolution: 300PPI

  • Colour profile: RGB

  • Contains Clipping Path

  • Colour matched

  • Post produced