Corowa Distilling Co.

Corowa Distilling Co. | Corowa NSW

When two men with a love of footy and a passion for whisky meet, something beautiful happens: an idea to turn the town’s abandoned flour mill into a world-class whisky distillery. Ambitious? Yes. A little nuts? Maybe. And then they bought it for $1. No really, they did. When a small town unites, big things happen. The council sold the old mill to the team for a buck and a promise: to bring it back to life and put their little town on the map. And the community have become just as much a part of our whisky as the distillery, the ingredients and the land itself. In every drop of Corowa’s finest, you’ll get a taste of true Australia. And that’s the way it should be. From the grains, they source from local farmers to the water they pinch from the Murray River, and the copper stills handmade right at home, they've always supported local.