Goodradigbee Distillers

Goodradigbee Distillers | Balgowlah NSW

Goodradigbee's founder is John O’Connor, and back in the day he learnt to fly-fish on the Goodradigbee River in the pristine Snowy Mountains wilderness of New South Wales, Australia. The trout were scarce, but when sighted, teased, tickled and finally caught, the experience was immensely satisfying. These were glorious moments that have stayed with John his whole life. The mountains on either side of the river soar into the sky, densely wooded and rugged, and thick grass plains frame the scene, making for a perfect campsite. To John, even as a young lad, it was serene, beautiful, and exciting – his happy place. It was to be the starting point for a journey that is only now coming to fruition; a journey to make uniquely Australian spirits.