Wolf & Woman Distillery Signature Gin 700mL 42%

Wolf & Woman Distillery | Bellambi NSW

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Contemporary style Craft Gin with Australian native botanicals and coastal inspiration. This Signature gin took the Wolf & Woman team by surprise as they set out to create something unique. Locally crafted on site, hubby and wife duo set out to create something bold.

Inspired by native foods from their indigenous party, pepper leaf is the shinning hero that gives you a real sense of experience and takes you on a sensory journey. Together with their signature Coastal Sea Lettuce, that they pick by hand, this gin comes alive.
Wolf & Woman pride themselves in this standout recipe. They took a bold risk and never looked back. A risk taken that they now call their Signature gin. Small batch making at it finest.

You may notice this gin go a little cloudy if stored in the fridge. This is caused by the intense botanical oils that often become cloudy in cold temps. They could have choosen to filter this gin to avoid clouding, but that would strip away flavour.
We call this Craft spirit intensity!


Brand Wolf And Woman Distillery

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